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Jun,25, 01:00 pm
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[Level 2] Online to Offline Organizing Training - English
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[Level 1] Online to Offline Organizing Training - English

Senior Campaign Consultant

$60-$70 / hour dependent on scope and experience
Location: Remote in the US, some travel required

A recent O2O-supported action for May 9th – Day Without Childcare

O2O Strategy Group (O2O) seeks a Senior Campaign Consultant to support O2O partner organizations through implementing online to offline organizing strategy and tactics. This position will support campaigns and organizations on a range of issues including workplace justice, public education, the care economy, immigrant rights, corporate accountability, and more. The ideal candidate has experience leading an organizing team and is comfortable using social media and digital tools to do outreach to working people online. 

About O2O

We are first and foremost a group of organizers dedicated to winning bold, progressive change. We use our digital and organizing expertise to advance the mission of labor unions and social justice organizations to achieve the soul, scale, and sustainability they need to win big change. We innovate. We connect. We build community with the explicit goal of shifting power back into the hands of working people.

Workers are organizing at a rate that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Harnessing the power of digital tools and social media to organize is a critical piece of building worker power to scale. Our team works on some of the most exciting campaigns in our movement including supporting Amazon workers fighting to form a union, childcare providers and parents coming together to win greater investments in early education, call center workers organizing some of the largest strikes in the South in recent history, and educators building their union through Texas American Federation of Teachers.

As organizers, we believe it’s critical to meet our people where they’re at, then move them through an organizing pathway to take action and develop their leadership; increasingly, that means meeting online first. Our online to offline organizing methods were born out of necessity, through worker-led fights with Walmart, the largest employer in the US. Since then, we’ve applied O2O strategies to dozens of campaigns to build robust digital infrastructure, effective organizing workflows, and real communities that unleash transformative collective action. 

O2O is a worker self-directed nonprofit organization. We make decisions about our organizing and training work, working conditions, and organizational direction collaboratively. We strive for a culture where each member of our team is empowered and supported to do their best work in a sustainable way. 


  • Support O2O partners in developing and implementing online to offline organizing strategies, tactics, and workflows into their campaigns and organizing work. 
  • Support O2O partners in recruiting new members, developing leadership committees, etc.
  • Support campaigns to develop the organizing skills of campaign leaders, including the planning and execution of bold actions, moving policy makers and educating the public.
  • Work with partners to organize actions, press events, run effective organizing meetings, and other related organizing activities.
  • Develop the leadership of working people to share their stories with each other and publicly, with the media and online.
  • Produce compelling, persuasive visual and written content that moves people to action on a range of issues through digital ads, organic social media posts, and other communication methods and engagement opportunities.
  • Work with the O2O training team to develop accessible training materials for partners and members you’re organizing with.
  • Use data to inform your organizing by tracking results, designing rigorous experiments, listening to your audiences and keeping on top of cultural trends and current research.
  • Provide partners with regular updates and reports of what’s working, areas for improvement, and new opportunities.
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Required Competencies:

  • You have a minimum of 5 years experience of organizing and movement building. We predominantly work with labor organizations but are open to applicants with all types of worker-organizing or escalation campaign experience.
  • You’ve led an organizing team and have experience with developing other people as organizers, including skills like: how to have an organizing conversation, ask curious questions, use agitation and inoculation effectively and make tough organizing asks.
  • You have experience developing effective campaign strategies using methods like power mapping and escalation.
  • You have a good understanding of digital tools and their application to organizing including but not limited to, peer-to-peer texting, broadcast texting, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • You are skilled in balancing the need for high quality work with expediency to meet campaign timelines.
  • You have familiarity with organizing databases such as EveryAction, BroadStripes, Action Builder, etc…
  • You are self-motivated, highly accountable to your team and comfortable and effective working in a remote environment.
  • You have experience moving groups to decisions and next steps, even when there is not clear consensus initially.
  • You understand and feel comfortable articulating issues faced by communities of color, low-income families, immigrants, and the lgbt+ community.
  • You have a demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice.
  • Some travel will be required but will vary in frequency depending on your location, the organizations we’re working with and their COVID protocols.
  • Proficiency with digital work collaboration tools including Zoom, Google Apps, Slack, etc.

Preferred Competencies

  • Experience developing social media content for public facing organizational or campaign accounts.
  • Experience with common movement data tools including EveryAction/VAN, Action Network, Zapier etc.
  • Spanish speaking a plus

How to Apply:
Please send resumes and cover letters to info@o2ostrategy.org with the subject line: Senior Campaign Consultant

O2O Strategy Group is an equal-opportunity employer with a commitment to equity. People of color, women, and LGBT+ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.