O2O | Online to Offline Strategy
Sep,22, 01:00 pm
September 3-Day Online to Offline Training
Nov,18, 01:00 pm
November 3-Day Online to Offline Training

Tools for Organizing

Organizing tools at
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Online 2 Offline Strategy Group (O2O) is a newly formed global consulting and technology organization that works with unions, community organizations, and other membership organizations to build power for their constituents using online to offline tools and strategies.

Our Mission


The Online to Offline Strategies Group (O2O) is first and foremost a group of organizers dedicated to winning bold, progressive change. We use our digital and organizing expertise to advance the mission of labor unions and social justice organizations by supporting campaigns to achieve the soul, scale, and sustainability they need to win big change. We innovate. We connect. We build community with the goal of shifting power back into the hands of working people, women, and people of color.


Online Organizing Training

There has never been a more important time to lean into online organizing. As a national organization of people who work in retail with staff scattered across the country, we’ve had to develop robust digital infrastructure to build soul, scale, and community online and move people to action. There has never been a more important time to lean into online organizing.

Learn more about our upcoming O2O and Remote Work training sessions.

Our Impact

O2O testimonial

“As a Uber / Lyft driver and leader with Gig Workers Rising (a campaign of Working Partnerships USA), the only way we could take on companies like Uber and Lyft with the resources we had was to effectively use digital tools to reach and organize more drivers. The O2O trainings and learnings were invaluable in our ability to organize and pass AB5 in California.”

– Edan Alva, Driver Leader, Gig Workers Rising 

Work With Us

We partner with movement organizations from community-based nonprofits to regional-level unions to help you advance your mission through digital strategies.