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Building power,
online to offline

The Online to Offline Strategy Group (O2O) is a worker-self-directed nonprofit dedicated to winning structural change by building people-centered, digitally-empowered movements.

We provide training, coaching, and individualized support for social justice and labor organizations to develop organizing and digital strategies to build power and scale their campaigns.

Child Care for All campaign

Online to Offline Strategy Group Partner Testimonials

Erica Smiley

Executive Director,
Jobs with Justice

“Working in partnership with the O2O team, we have seen how using online to offline strategies can transform campaigns and allow organizers to have hundreds of conversations a week.”

Molly Shack

Co-Executive Director
Ohio Organizing Collaborative

O2O’s expertise in bringing digital and organizing teams to work together — not in silos — helped us create systems we can use moving forward on future OOC campaigns.”

Zeph Capo


“As a statewide organization in one of the largest states in the nation, working with the O2O team has allowed us to reach and engage educators at a scale that is not possible without online to offline strategies.”

Recent organizations we’ve worked with:

Work With Us

Online to Offline Strategy Group partners with movement organizations—from smaller community-based nonprofits to national unions—to help you incorporate digital tools and strategies to scale up your organizing.