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Oct,4, 01:00 pm
(October 4th-6th) 3 Day Online to Offline Training

Tools for Working Remotely

Shifting from an office environment to working from home or remotely doesn’t have to limit our team communication. Here are some of our favorite remote work tools and their associated costs. 

Tool Description Costs Notes

Video conferencing tool Free
$14.99 / mo. / user
$19.99 / mo. / user & additional a la carte addons
Most advanced for video conferencing
How to Add a Virtual Background
Google Hangouts
“Hangouts Meet”
Video conferencing tool Free
$6 /  mo. / user
$12 /  mo. / user
$25 / mo. / user 
Less advanced than zoom but easier for Google Suite users, offering free trials of Google Hangouts Meet until July 1, 2020
Trello Project management tool Free
$9.99 / mo. / user
$20.83 / mo. / user
Best for in-depth projects that you and your team will be focussing on over a period of time (for example the re-design of a website).
Asana  Project management tool Free
$10.99 /  mo. / user
$24.99 /  mo. / user 
(Most popular) Best for teams who have a lot of different projects on the go that are time-sensitive.
ToDoist Project management tool Free
$3 /  mo. / user
$5 /  mo. / user 
Best for keeping track of everyday tasks, long “to-do” lists and jobs that require limited collaboration.
Signal Encrypted texting tool  Free Great to text sensitive information, both users must have the signal app downloaded
WhatsApp Texting / Group messenger chat tool Free

*WhatsApp was bought by Facebook and has begun running ads on the platform. Issues have been raised re: security.
Easy for group message threads, chats users must have the WhatsApp app downloaded
Slack Cross team communication tool Free
$6.67 /  mo. / user
$12.50 /  mo. / user 
Favorite cross team communication tool among many
LastPass Password manager & secure note sender Free
$3 /  mo. / user
$4 /  mo. / user 
Safely share secure notes and passwords to shared accounts using this password management tool
Harvest Time tracking and invoicing tool Free
$12 / mo. / user
Our favorite tool for tracking time and invoicing.
Everhour Time tracking and invoicing tool Free

$7 /  mo. / user
$8 /  mo. / user

Another recommended tool for tracking time and invoicing.
Krisp Tool to reduce background noise Free
$3.33 / mo. / user
Free version allows for 2 hours / week on video calls and 4 hours / week on video calls from an iphone.


Equipment recommendations

This is entirely up to your organization and what budgetary considerations you have set aside for your program. Here are some of our recommendations based on price point: Headsets we use on our team:
Apple headphones – $29 Many people have these and they work just fine. They come with your Apple device if you have one, so no need to spend extra money on equipment.
Beats SoloPro Wireless Noise Cancelling – $299 (This headset was NOT purchased specifically for work, this was a gift, but has a fantastic microphone and noise cancellation – Bianka

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